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Exactly 13 years later (WTF) I'm updating the site again, this time to provide small video files of the otherwise inaccessible demo files. I'm aware the site could do with SSL support in order to stop modern browsers complaining.


The domain expired last year. I've resurrected it in order to keep TFC-Secrets alive for old time's sake. I may expand on it some day, but for now it's just exactly as it was. Many thanks to Dr-Mx for providing the backup copy.


OMFG, its been soo long...

Truth is since last update I've been looking for a job since leaving Uni, still haven't got a permanent one yet either. There's flipping loads of updates to do, thanks for all your e-mails (all 88 at last count ) I'm wading my way through them now and have seen some real stunners
And yes I've updated a bit and unofficial maps are on their way very soon, I've got most of the screen shots I need.

+loads more...
-... LOADS still to do!

Expect updates to be more frequent now I've get on top of things.


Menu fixed (if your still having probs e-mail me)

+Badlands (SG points & demos)


The new menu is up as u can see, but there are a few probs with 800x600 users because the menu drops off the bottom the the screen, to recify this i have moved the expanding sub menu up the screen which makes it look a bit weird but ill fix that when i can.

+Movement section updated
+Lots of other stuff since last update


I am currently designing a new menu system so I can start to add unofficial maps to the site, as you have may have noticed I have added lots more demos during these last couple of weeks.

+Weapons (dispenser jumping)
+Misc section has been redesigned

+Epicenter competition!


I have now finished university and moved back home just awaiting my results now . Im missing broadband already.

+Badlands (two more ledges)
+Warpath (map glitch)
+2fort (hiding in lift room)
+Two new demos (Avanti, Rock2)


If you had not already noticed, I am now part of the TFCentral network which will allow me a lot more space for updates, an easier to remember URL and hopefully more hits!

Thanks very much for taking me on board guys!


Just a couple of updates for today, if u haven't seen yours yet don't worry I am working on it.

+Badlands updated (pipebomb trick)
+Avanti updated (feign bug)


Updated page with new submitted secrets and redesigned the frames and logo for people who are using lower resolutions.

+Weapons updated
+Dustbowl updated
+Rock2 updated
+Flagrun updated


Well what a day this has been, I posted a link on the PlanetFortress forums late last night and I got a amazing response, I have be inundated with secrets which has kept me very busy indeed!

I then went to back look at the PlanetFortress main page and behold... I was on the news page!!
A big thank you goes out to ^Goose for that.

+Badlands updated with 2 new secrets
+Dustbowl secret ledge amended


Added a form, database, cheap counter and a few more secrets. Cleaned up some mistakes and generally got ready for the official launch happening very soon.


Page is uploaded for the first time to a test site. w00t!


Check out this link!

It contains a lot more tips and tricks for TFC from the PlanetFortress forums.


HTML foundations created, project begins...